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In collaboration with the Wethersfield Institute, Ignatius Press is publishing the collected papers delivered at the Institute's symposium on the topic of The Catholic Writer. It is a book with a double attraction—outstanding writers of today provide unique insights on some of the greatest Catholic writers and thinkers of this century.

Beginning with an overview of the Catholic writer in the modern world by Gregory Wolfe, some of the other contributors and their subjects include William Marra on Dietrich von Hildebrand, Frederick Wilhelmson on Hillaire Belloc, Michael Novak on Jacques Maritain, Russell Hittinger on Christopher Dawson and Edward Synan on Etienne Gilson. Alice von Hildebrand also presents a more personal paper on her late husband, Dietrich.

"These papers of a memorable conference locate the greatness of lit- erature in the deference of writers to themes higher than themselves."

-Fr. George Rutler

"It is not always the case that collections of speeches make good reading. We have an exception here. You don't often get this many first-rate contributors giving talks that are this good on writers of this calibre. This volume should be required reading-for every- body, ideally; but short of that, for every serious Catholic who claims to be literate."

-Thomas Howard Author, Chance or the Dance

The Catholic Writer

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