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Upcoming Events

20 Centuries in 20 Objects: The History of the Church through the Art and Architecture of the Basilica of St. Josaphat

Join Basilica parishioner Dr. Paul Monson to explore the cultural, theological, and liturgical unfolding of the Catholic Church from ancient times until today.

Wednesday, June 5th

Vespers: 6:00pm (optional)

Talk: 6:30pm

Refreshments and Q&A to follow in the Undercroft

The Wethersfield institute presents the Stillman Lecture series at the basilica.

2333 S. 6th Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Paul Monson is Vice President of Intellectual Formation & Academic Dean at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, where he also serves as Associate Professor of Church History. He has a passion for the liberal arts in seminary formation, and his research focuses on the intersection of theology, history, and culture in American Catholicism.

Past Events


Rooted: Cultivating a Green Philosophy

The Wethersfield Institute is honored to partner with The Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation in hosting a series of virtual interviews led by Grace Olmstead. Throughout the series, Grace and her guests will cover a wide variety of topics that relate back to Scruton's love of home - what he referred to as Oikophilia.

"What is a Church? Exploring the typological and historical roots of Church architecture."

 Architecture Lecture at Sacred Heart Seminary and the School of Theology in Franklin, WI

December 7, 2023 

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