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While much of Cardinal Newman's work is widely known and appreciated, there has nevertheless been a consistent distortion of his thought by many who claim his patronage for contemporary forms of modernism. But it was precisely this kind of relativism and the dissent it engenders that Newman found fundamentally untenable.



Under the auspices of the Wethersfield Institute, a selected group of international Newman scholars was convened to clarify the genuine teaching of Cardinal Newman and show its peculiar relevance to the problems and prospects of the Catholic Church today. Each presented a paper on Newman. Among the contributors are Stanley Jaki, John T. Ford, Fr. George Rutler, Louis Bouyer and Marvin R. O'Connell.



"Only such Newmanists were invited as speakers who had not previously made a sport of setting up Newman as peritus in theolog- ical relativism. The result proved that diversity of scholarship, taste and background can be very productive of an instinctive unity of vision and ethos. Each paper contains rarely quoted statements of Newman that have an illuminating and electrifying effect." - Stanley Jaki

Newman Today

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